Dr. Rachelle Bouffard


Current Committee Members
Dr. Suzanne Lépine

Dr. Pippa Moss

Dr. Mary Kay Nixon

Dr. Aidan Stokes

Dr. Chris Wilkes

Dr. Erin Kelly

Dr. Leanna Isserlin (Education Award)


Operational authority

Standing Committee of the Board of Directors.


To coordinate present awards and develop new awards to recognize members of the Academy.

Reports to The Board of Directors. 


Number and type of meetings per year

The committee does not meet formally. Committee materials are provided to members and the chair uses various communication methods (post, fax, e-mail, telephone) to arrive at the consensus of recommendations that will be provided to the Board of Directors.


Length of time for appointments and number of terms

Two-year terms for chair and members, renewable once.


Scientific presentation awards at Annual General Meeting


Evaluation Committee. There shall be a panel of members jointly appointed by the Chair of the Research and Scientific Program Committee and the Chair of the Awards Committee. The panel shall be chaired by the Chair of the Research and Scientific Program Committee. For more information on these awards, click here. 


Individual Recognition Awards

  • These awards support the importance of the work done by members of the Academy and give recognition to those who have done exceptional service for the Academy and the mental health of children and youth.
  • The main task each year is to seek nominations for these awards, each of which have terms of reference, and select the winners to be announced at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Letters are sent out to members of the Academy each year in the spring/summer to request nominations and an announcement is placed in the Journal. The nominations and supporting materials are distributed to the committee members who develop the consensus decisions.
  • Any Full Member of the Academy may make nominations by sending an e-mail to with AWARDS COMMITTEE in the subject line.

For further information on these awards, click here

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