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Policy on Internet Links


The Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CACAP) aims to provide relevant links for visitors to its website, while keeping in mind that (despite disclaimers) the quality of the links may reflect on the CACAP website (


The following criteria will be considered when reviewing sites for possible links:


Nature of site (commercial or not-for-profit)

The site, or the group hosting the site, should be not-for-profit. The CACAP will not routinely link to private or commercial sites, or those intended primarily for the sale of products.


Target audience

The site should be designed for CACAP target audiences (in particular, health care professionals and members of the public with an interest in child and youth mental health).


Credibility and reliability of information

Where possible, information on linked sites should be attributed and sourced. If this is not the case, the CACAP should verify the credibility and reliability of the source organization to the best of its ability.


Usefulness to our audiences

It is helpful for users if we provide links to sites that complement information on the CACAP site. Where appropriate, the Internet can be a "referral" service to groups that specialize in a particular area of child mental health and which have a reputation for credibility.



Where possible, the CACAP will link to bilingual sites. We recognize that many valuable sites are produced in one language only. French-only sites, in particular, can be especially valuable for francophone users given the proliferation of English-only sites on the Internet.?



Links are one way to support partnerships, either with a coalition or a single group.


Services and resources

Useful links might be those that offer a valuable service relevant to child and youth mental health care (e.g., access to credible publications, journals, on line resources, etc.).


Consistency with CACAP messages

While we cannot be responsible for content on linked sites, every effort will be made to ensure we do not link to sites that contradict CACAP policy and information.


Requests for links from the CACAP site will be reviewed by staff against the above criteria. If a site meets the criteria, it will be referred to the Website Committee for a final decision. Requests will be reviewed at regular meetings and teleconferences. If you have questions about links from the CACAP site, please contact


Adapted with permission from Canadian Paediatric Society

Last updated April 1, 2013

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