Volume 17, Number 2, May 2008

Posted: May 1, 2008


A Context for Classification in Child Psychiatry - Normand Carrey, John Gregson

Identification and Classification of Childhood Developmental Difficulties in the Context of Attachment Relationships - Catherine Ann Cameron

DSM IV, Culture and Child Psychiatry - Cecile Rousseau, Toby Measham, Marie Bathiche-Suidan

Book Reviews

  • Developmental Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Canadian Psychiatrists
  • Imitation and the Social Mind: Autissm and Typical Development
  • Social and Communication Development in Autism Spectrum Dissorders: Early Identification, Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Treating Tourette's Syndrome: A Guide for Practitioners
  • Working with Parents Makes Therapy Work
Reviews by: Greta Swart, Pratibha Reebye, Armand Boisjoli, Mounir Samy

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