Volume 18, Number 4, November 2009

Posted: Nov 1, 2009

The Case of the Lowly Case Report - Normand Carrey

Doing it Right: An Interdisciplinary Model for the Diagnosis of ADHD - Melissa McGonnell, Penny Corkum, Margaret McKinnon, Marilyn MacPherson, Tracey Williams, Coleen Davidson, David B. Jones, Daniel Stephenson
Stability/Change of DSM Diagnoses among Children and Adolescents Assessed at a University Hospital: A Cross-sectional Cohort Study - Sassan Ghazan-shahi, Nasreen Roberts, Kevin Parker
Étude Préliminaire de Fiabilité de L'échelle de Labilité Émotionnelle Adaptée Pour Adolescents Dans Une Population Interne Francophone - Jean Marc Guilé, Cimon Chapdelaine, Line Desrosiers, Christine Cornez, Hélène Bouvier, Jean-Jacques Breton
Preliminary Reliability Study of the Affective Lability Scale Adapted for Adolescents in a Francophone Clinical Population - Jean Marc Guilé, Cimon Chapdelaine, Line Desrosiers, Christine Cornez, Hélène Bouvier, Jean-Jacques Breton
Neuropsychological Functioning in Children with Tourette Syndrome (TS) - Carmen Rasmussen, Maryam Soleimani, Alan Carroll, Oleksander Hodlevskyy
Autism Spectrum Disorder Grown Up: A Chart Review of Adult Functioning - Samantha Marriage, Annie Wolverton, Keith Marriage
Information Management for Busy Practitioners

Resources to help you Keep Current - Darlene Chapman

Psychopharmacology Column
A Review of Long-Acting Medications for ADHD in Canada - Sheik Hosenbocus, Raj Chahal

Interview with Dr. Gabrielle ''Gabby'' Weiss - Normand Carrey


Psychotherapy with Infants and Young Children: Repairing the Effects of Stress and Trauma on Early Attachment
Growing up Resilient: Ways to build resilience in children and youth
Nix your Tics! Eliminating Unwanted Tic Symptoms: A How-To Guide for Young People
Understanding Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing: Management Strategies for Parents and Professionals
Socioemotional Development in the Toddler Years: Transitions and Transformations
Reviews by Pratibha Reebye, Mary Lou M. Dancel, GT Swart, Julia Hunter, Susan Penfold

Conference Watch
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Instructions destinées aux auteurs (français)

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