Operational Authority:

The Website Committee is a Standing Committee operating under the auspices of the Board of Directors.



The principle task of the website committee is to review and update the pages and contents of the CACAP website on a regular basis.  This includes the creation of new pages and topics for the web site in accordance with the ability to the Academy to provide and monitor appropriate content for the pages.


Reports to:

The committee reports to the Board through the Secretary.


Chaired by:

The Chair of the committee will be chosen by the members of the committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Number and Nature of Membership:

The members of the committee will be generally by co-opted by the Chair of the committee although the Board will have the right to appoint members.  Usually members will self-select because they have a particular interest in the web site in general or particular components of the site.

Number and Type of Meetings per Year:

There are no requirements for meetings.  It is expected that most business of the committee will be done by internet conferencing, e-mail and telephone conferencing.

Length of time appointment of chairs and number of terms:

The Chair shall serve a two-year term with one reappointment.  After a two-year break, the same person may assume the Chair again, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

List of past products:

While there is no official list of “Past Products” the state of the website overall shall represent the current product of the committee.

Regular required functions:

The committee shall have an overall responsibility to ensure that the component pages of the website are kept up-to-date except as indicated below.  


Some specific components of the site that require regular updating following the Annual Meeting shall be delegated to the Executive Director to update. In particular, annual or bi-annual updates of the home page (special items, conference link) president's message, election results, committee members (LAC, Awards and RSP), AGM and Board minutes (under Members Only), and recipients of awards will be posted by the Executive Director. Specific components of the site will require on-going management, in particular:

  Who’s Who

Annual Conference


  Abstract Submission


  Journal Contact

Other components will be decided upon by the committee, such as:

Career Opportunities

Families, Teens and Children

Professional Affairs

 Policies & Guidelines



Professional Development



Additional sub-pages as continuation of present topics may be added by the committee as needed. 

Major new directions should be brought to the Board of Directors at one of its semi-annual meetings for approval.  At these times, the Chair of the Committee may be invited to present.

In general:
• Journal pages will be under the direction of the Editor of the Journal
• Professional Development, under the direction of the Chair of the Education Committee

• Members Only, under the direction of the Executive Director

Present on-going tasks:

Monitor and update the website on a regular basis.

Relationship to members of the Academy:

The CACAP website is the public face of the Academy to the world.

While the primary purpose is to serve the profession, the professional concern is for the mental health of the children, youth and families of Canada and this should also be reflected appropriately on the website pages. 
As a result, the web site needs to maintain a professional quality and a friendly public face so that both members of the public and the Academy find it useful and up-to-date for their needs.

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