Volume 14, Number 4, November 2005

Posted: Nov 1, 2005

Ongoing Transitions at the ReView
Mary K. Nixon, MD, Editor

Perspectives in Psychopharmacology: Spotlight on Atomoxetine
Adil Virani, BSc (Pharm), Pharm D

Primary Care Physician Ability To Identify Pediatric MentalHealth Issues
David Cawthorpe, PhD

Comparison of Clinical Diagnoses, NIMH-DISC-IV Diagnoses and SCL-90-R Ratings in an Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit: A Brief Report
Nasreen Roberts MD, Kevin C.H. Parker PhD, Marla Dagnone MSc

An Approach to Maximizing Treatment Adherence of Children and Adolescents with Psychotic Disorders and Major Mood Disorders
Robin Edward Gearing, MSW and Irfan A. Mian, MD

Too Many Sad Stories: Clinician Stress and Coping
Samantha Marriage, BSc and Keith Marriage, MD

Book Reviews

  • Anxiety Disorders In Children And Adolescents: 2nd Edition
  • Brothers and Sisters of Disabled Children
  • Change-Oriented Therapy with Adolescents and Young Adults: A New Generation of Respectful and Effective Processes and Practices
  • Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body, And Brain
  • The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy: Building and Rebuilding the Human Brain
  • Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents: Evidence-Based Treatments and Case Examples
  • Social Aggression Among Girls
  • The Views and Experiences of Disabled Children and Their Siblings: A Positive Outlook
  • Violence in the Lives of Adolescents
  • Vulnerability to Psychopathology: Risk Across the Lifespan

Reviews by Lawrence Jerome MD, Mounir Samy MD, Kristina Sandy PhD (cand) and Pierre P. Leichner MD, Hilary Le Page MBBS, Elsa Broder MD, Suneeta Monga MD, Sara King and Daniel A Waschbusch PhD, Mary Lou M. Dancel MD, Sue Penfold MB, Rose Geist MD

Clinical Rounds in Child Psychiatry
Subsection Editor: Dr. Abel Ickowicz, MD

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