Volume 15, Number 3, August 2006

Posted: Aug 1, 2006


What We Know About ADHD and Driving Risk: A Literature Review, Meta-Analysis and Critique – Laurence Jerome, Alvin Segal, Liat Habinski

A Methodology for Conducting Retrospective Chart Review Research in Child and Adolescent  Psychiatry – RobinGearing, Irfan Mian, Jim Barber, Abel Ickowicz

Treatment Refusal in Adolescents with Severe Chronic Illness and Borderline Personality Disorder – Emmanuel Jaunay, Angèle Consoli, Brian Greenfield, Jean-Marc Guilé, Philippe Mazet, David Cohen



Pediatric Psychopharmacology Update: Psychostimulants and Tics – Past, Present and Future – Jillian Sussman, Sylvia Lorefice, Daniel Gorman   Response: Adil Virani, Ingrid Pidsosny



Delivered from Distraction
Learning and Behavior Problemss in Asperger Syndrome
Living with Genetic Syndromes Associated with Intellectual Disability
Mass Trauma and Violence Helping Famlies and Children Cope
Modelling and Managing the Depressive Disorders: A Clinical Guide
Quick Reference: Child Abuse For Healthcare Professionals, Social Services, and Law Enforcement
Racism in Mental Health Prejudice and Suffering
Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome: Difference Sensory Experiences, Difference Perceptual Worlds
Splitting Up: Enmeshment and Estrangement in the Process of Divorce

Reviews by: Elsa Broder, Isabel Smith, Abel Ickowicz, Hilary LePage, John Rogers, Daniel Doiron, Llewellyn Joseph, Greta Swart, Philip Barker



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