Volume 19, Number 4, November 2010

Posted: Jan 11, 2011
Table of Contents
249   Countertransference in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - A Forgotten Concept? - Daniel Rasic
255   Response to Commentary - Jacqueline L. Kinley

256  Collaborating with Youth to Inform and Develop Tools for Psychotropic Decision Making - Andrea Murphy,
       David Gardner, Stan Kutcher, Simon Davidson, Ian Manion

264  Psychosocial and Clinical Correlates of Substance use Disorder in an Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Population -
       Marianne Daudin, David Cohen, Yves Edel, Nicolas Bonnet, Nicolas Bodeau, Angèle Consoli, Emmanuelle Deniau,
       Jean-Marc Guilé

274  Youth Homelessness: The Relationships among Mental Health, Hope, and Service Satisfaction - Jean R. Hughes,
       Sharon E. Clark, William Wood, Susan Cakmak, Andy Cox, Margie MacInnis, Bonnie Warren, Elaine Handrahan,
       Barbara Broom

284  Survey Comparing Criteria Used by Rural and Urban Primary Care Physicians for Referrals to Child and Adolescent
       Psychiatrists and Children's Mental Health Agencies in Ontario
- Margaret Steele, Joel Shapiro, Brenda Davidson,
       Gordon Floyd, Joanne Johnston, Neal Stretch, Afzal Mohammed

290   A Description of Emergency Care Received by Children and Youth with Mental Health Presentations for Alcohol
        and Other Drug Use in Two Alberta Emergency Departments - Andrea Y. Yu, Nicole Ata, Kathryn Dong,
        Amanda S. Newton

297   Emergency Physician Referrals to the Pediatric Crisis Clinic: Reaons for Referral, Diagnosis and Disposition -
        Jonathan Lee, Daphne Korcz

       Angela MacBride,Dorothy Reddy 

315   Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child - review Philippe-Edouard Boursiquot and Noam Soreni

315   Young People in Love and in Hate - review Andrew Howlett and Leopoldo Chagoya
316   How to Talk to Parents about Autism - review Tamison Doey
317   The Healthy Aging Brain, Sustaining Attachment, Attaining Wisdom - review Elsa Broder
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