2022 CACAP Award Winners

In the May issue of the Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, winners of the 2022 CACAP Awards are highlighted.  The recipients of the awards are:

Paul Steinhauer Award – Dr. Raj Rasasingham

Excellence in Education Award – Dr. Laura Rosato

Certificate of Special Recognition – Dr. Gerald Gray

Dalhousie Award (Best Presentation by CACAP Full Member) – Dr. Amy Gajaria

Best Poster Presentation by a Full CACAP Member – Dr. Kathleen Pajer and Dr. Hazen Gandy

Best Presentation by CACAP Member-in-Training – Dr. Jamil Jivraj

Best Poster Presentation by CACAP Member-in-Training – Dr. Vincent Paquin


Congratulations to the recipients and read more about their contributions in JCACAP!