CanREACH is expanding

Canadian Research and Education for the Advancement of Child Health (CanREACH) is dedicated to developing literacy in pediatric mental health for primary care providers.  This program is developed and licensed by The REACH Institute.  CanREACH uses evidence based adult education delivery to teach child and youth mental health treatment to learners over a six month period.  This is accomplished through an intensive 3 days of in class teaching followed by 6 months of biweekly case discussion.  With over 370 Canadian primary care providers trained by CanREACH, more than 75,000 youth now have access to improved mental health care. Evidence shows that CanREACH-trained physicians utilize specialized services at a reduction of 67 per cent, and the referrals they do make are more appropriate. This not only frees up waitlists for these services, it better utilizes community resources, saving the healthcare system over 700,000 dollars a year for physicians trained in Alberta alone.

Albertan clinicians can now take CanREACH in Calgary and Edmonton.  CanREACH is expanding across the country.  If you practice in Saskatewan you can contact Jessica Wylie ( or Katherine Churchman ( to see when the next training in Saskatoon is taking place.  If you practice in Ontario you can contact Angie Roberts ( to see when the next training is coming to Toronto.

Also, please check out a new website where one can fill out rating scales online and view other resources.  This website is not associated with The REACH Institute or CanREACH but was developed by CanREACH faculty to help those practicing with children and youth.