Day 2 of CACAP Conference wraps up; awards presented

The second day of the 43rd annual CACAP Conference featured plenary sessions from Dr. Jennier Coelho on the topic of pediatric eating disorders, Dr. Clement Ma who presented on complex innovative designs for clinical trials, and Dr. Peter Jackson who discussed the impact of substance use on family systems.

The CACAP Certificate of Special Recognition was presented this morning to Dr. Pippa Moss for her contributions with the Fundy Peace Foundation and the APCAPC Dan Offord Award was presented to Dr. Enoch Ng and Dr. Clara Westwell-Roper.

The CACAP Annual General Meeting was also held today during which new Directors were voted in to the CACAP Board.

The final day of the conference will take place tomorrow after which we will look forward to the 44th annual CACAP Conference to be held in Winnipeg from September 21-24, 2024.