CACAP Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effects on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Authored by the CACAP Advocacy Committee (Drs. R. Rasasingham and D. Korczak)

The Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recognizes the significant impact the COVID pandemic has had on Child and Adolescent mental health.  The closure of schools in particular has impacted students and families immensely.  ​​​Public health measures implemented in response to the pandemic have had, and continue to have, a significant impact on the patients and families we serve.

Research has shown that all age groups are impacted by school closures ​and the cancellation of organized activities.  Previously healthy children are now experiencing mental health concerns. The majority of children with previous mental health problems are experiencing increased symptoms.

Lockdowns, including school and activity closures, have been shown to have harmful effects on the mental health of school-aged children and youth in particular.

As an academy we will continue to advocate for thoughtful policies and regulation that take into account the significant impact restrictions have on the mental health of children and adolescents.

Originally published on June 4, 2021