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Annual CYMHSU CoP meeting held in Vancouver

The annual Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Community of Practice meeting was held in Vancouver on March 6, 2020.  This was attended about 75 physicians including Child Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Family Doctors and Emergency Room Doctors, along with the President of the Doctors of BC, various government leaders including senior analysts from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of ...read more

CanREACH is expanding

Canadian Research and Education for the Advancement of Child Health (CanREACH) is dedicated to developing literacy in pediatric mental health for primary care providers.  This program is developed and licensed by The REACH Institute.  CanREACH uses evidence based adult education delivery to teach child and youth mental health treatment to learners over a six month ...read more

Young children need to move more

The World Health Organization (WHO) published new guidelines this spring regarding physical activity and sleep for children under 5 years old. They looked at the impact of lack of exercise and poor sleep on childhood obesity, mental health, and general wellbeing as well as long-term consequences of these poor lifestyle habits. They estimated that 80% of adolescents are not physically active ...read more

L’Ontario a besoin de psychiatres

L'amélioration des soins de santé mentale est un enjeu qui a été couramment reconnu comme étant une priorité du système de santé canadien, et des engagements récents à solidifier les services de santé mentale ont renforcé le besoin d'un investissement. Malheureusement, les difficultés des ressources humaines au chapitre des prestataires de soins de santé n'ont pas été ...read more

Ontario Needs Psychiatrists

Improving mental health care is an issue that has been routinely acknowledged as a priority in the Canadian health care system, and recent commitments to strengthening mental health services have reinforced the need for investment. Unfortunately, the issues within health care provider human resources has not been addressed alongside these service investments. In particular, the understaffing of psychiatrists – medical ...read more

CACAP Executive statement on the Nova Scotia tragedy

The Executive, Board and members of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry are heart broken at the tragic loss of life in Nova Scotia with the mass shooting.  To our colleagues in Nova Scotia and to those with family members in Nova Scotia, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  In the context of the current pandemic this devastating event is all ...read more

Un résumé de la 39e conférence annuelle

Les inscriptions à la 40e conférence annuelle de l’ACPEA s’ouvriront au printemps 2020. Voici un résumé de la 39e conférence annuelle qui s’est tenue à Québec en septembre 2019. Pour plus d’informations  sur le congrès annuel, veuillez visiter le site internet: https://www.cacap-acpea.org/learn/conference/ Quel beau mois de septembre avons-nous connu au Québec!  Avec les belles feuilles d’automne dans le beau paysage de la ...read more