Volume 23, Number 2, May 2014

Funding for Mental Health Research: Looking Ahead
Russell Schachar, Abel Ickowicz

Letter to the Editor
Trauma-informed Care
Andrew Bremness, Wanda Polzin

Research Articles
Using Technology to Deliver Mental Health Services to Children and Youth: A Scoping Review
Katherine M. Boydell, Michael Hodgins, Antonio Pignatiello, John Teshima, Helen Edwards, David Willis

The Psychosocial Characteristics Associated with  NSSI and Suicide Attempt of Youth Admitted to an In-patient Psychiatric Unit
Michèle Preyde, John Vanderkooy, Pat Chevalier, John Heintzman, Amanda Warne, Kendra Barrick

Characteristics of Children and Youth  Who Visit the Emergency Department for a Behavioural Disorder
Stacy Liu, Samina Ali, Rhonda J. Rosychuk, Amanda S. Newton

Factors Associated with Parental Satisfaction with a Pediatric Crisis Clinic (PCC)
Jonathan Lee, Daphne Korczak

Childhood ADHD and Addictive Behaviours in Adolescence: A Canadian Sample
Dragana Ostojic, Alice Charach, Joanna Henderson, Tara McAuley, Jennifer Crosbie

Dimensions of Perfectionism in Children and Adolescents with Obssessive-compulsive Disorder
Noam Soreni, David Streiner, Randi McCabe, Carrie Bullard, Richard Swinson, Alessia Greco, Paulo Pires, Peter Szatmari

Clinical Perspectives
Commentary: Developmental Trauma Disorder: A Missed Opportunity in DMS V
Andrew Bremness, Wanda Polzin

Clinical Case Rounds in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Mind over PMDD: A Glimpse into the Process of Pharmacotherapy-psychotherapy Combination Treatment
Gili W. Adler Nevo, Colan Nefsky

Book Reviews
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents: From Basic Science to Clinical Management
Reviewers Eric Fung, Waqar Waheed
Understanding Early Childhood Mental Health – A Practical Guide for Professionals
Reviewers Marilyn Champagne, Dhiraj Aggarwal