Volume 26, Number 2 July 2017

Clinical Pearls
Khrista Boylan

Letter to the Editor
It’s More Complicated than Myth Busting: Parents Deciding About Stimulant Use for their Children
John D. McLennan

Research Articles
Relationship between Bullying and Suicidal Behaviour in Youth Presenting to the Emergency Department
Nazanin Alavi, Taras Reshetukha, Eric Prost, Kristen Antoniak, Charmy Patel, Saad Sajid, Dianne Groll

Parental Involvement and Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders: Perspectives from Residents in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine
Tamara Davidson,Marcon, Laura Girz, Amanda Stillar, Carole Tessier, Adele Lafrance

Is the National Guideline Clearinghouse a Trustworthy Source of Practice Guidelines for Child and Youth Anxiety and Depression?
Stephanie Duda, Christine Fahim, Peter Szatmari, Kathryn Bennett

Prescribing Practices of Quetiapine for Insomnia at a Tertiary Care Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit: A Continuous Quality Improvement Project
Elaine Stephanie Chow, Azadeh Zangeneh-Kazemi, Olabode Akintan, Elizabeth Chow-Tung, Alan Eppel, Khrista Boylan

Clinical Case Rounds
I think I’m Going to be Sick: An Eight-Year-Old Boy with Emetophobia and Secondary Food Restriction
Sarabpreet Dosanjh, William Fleisher, Diana Sam

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in an 11-Year-Old South American Boy: Medical and Cultural Challenges
Jonah Schermbrucker, Melissa Kimber, Natasha Johnson, Sarah Kearney, Jennifer Couturier

Brief Communications
Exploratory Study of the Clinical Characteristics of Adolescent Girls with a History of Physical or Sexual Abuse Consulting in a Mood Disorder Clinic
Amélie LeBoeuf, Jean-Jacqeus Breton, Claude Berthiaume, Bogdan Balan, Christophe Huynh, Jean-Marc Guilé, Réal Labelle

Psychometric Properties of the Self-perception Profile for Children in Children with Chronic Illness
Mark A. Ferro, Jennie Tang