Volume 27, Number 1, January 2018

Shared Care for Suicidal Youth
Khrista Boylan

Research Articles
Improving Access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care: The Choice and the Partnership Approach
Sharon Clark, Debbie Emberly, Kathleen Pajer, Emily Delong, Susan McWilliam, Alexa Bagnell, Sabina Abidi, Barbara Casey, William Gardner

Clinical Utility of Screening for Anxiety and Depression in Children with Tourette Syndrome
Leonie Marwitz, Tamara Pringsheim

Youths’ Experience of School Re-Integration Following Psychiatric Hospitalization
Michele Preyde, Shrenik Parekh, John Heintzman

Emergency Department Referrals for Adolescent Urgent Psychiatric Consultation: Comparison of Clinical Characteristics of Repeat-presentations and Single-presentation
Nasreen Roberts, Robert Nesdole, Tina Hu

The Experience of Psychiatric Care of Adolescents with Anxiety-based School Refusal and of their Parents: A Qualitative Study
Jordan Sibeoni, Massimiliano Orri, Marc-Antoine Podlipski, Mathilde Labey, Sophie Campredon, Priscille Gerardin, Anne Revah-Levy

Open Trial of Family-Based Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa for Transition Age Youth
Gina Dimitropoulos, Ashley L. Landers, Victoria Freeman, Jason Novick. Andrea Garber, Daniel Le Grange 

Brief Communications

Returning to Stimulants in Children with Treatment Resistant ADHD: A Case Series
John  D. McLennan, Sterling Sparshu

Comparing Self-Concept Among Youth Currently Receiving Inpatient Versus Outpatient Mental Health Services
Chris Choi, Mark A. Ferro