Volume 22, Number 4, November 2013

Standing on the Shoulders of our Editors Emeriti
Russell Schachar, Abel Ickowicz

Research Articles
Feature Article: Choosing Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Factors Influencing Medical Students
Tiziana Volpe, Katherine M. Boydell, Antonio Pignatiello

Integrated Knowledge Translation and Grant Development: Addressing the Research Pratice Gap through Stakeholder-informed Research
Joanna Henderson, Elizabeth Brownlie, Susan Rosenkranz, Gloria Chaim, Joseph Beitchman

Helpseeking of Immigrant and Native Born Parents: A Qualitative Study from a Montreal Child Day Hopsital
Jaswant Guzder, Sennait Yohannes, Phyllis Zelkowitz

Living from Day to Day – Qualitative Study on Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescence
Michel Spodenkiewicz, Mario Speranza, Olivier Taieb, Alexandra Pham-Scottez, Maurice Corcos, Anne Revah-Levy

Anxiety and Depression among Parents of Children with Intellectual Disability in Pakistan
Muhammad Waqar Azeem, Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Snehal Shah, Mohsin Ali Cheema, Alia Asmat, Madeeha Akbar, Sumira Kousar, Imran Ijaz Haider

Program Evaluation of a Child and Youth Mental Health Training Program for Family Physicians in British Columbia
Iliana Garcia-Ortega, Helena Kadelc, Stan Kutcher, Marcus Hollander, Liza Kallstrom, Garey Mazowita

Direct and Indirect Psychosocial Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Parents Following a Parent-involved Social Skills Group Intervention
Jonathan Weiss, Yona Lunsky, Michelle A. Viecili, Leon Sloman

The Canadian Eating Disorder Program Survey – Exploring Intensive Treatment Programs for Youth with Eating Disorders
Mark Norris, Melanie Strike, Leora Pinhas, Rebecca Gomez, April Elliott, Patricia Ferguson, Joanne Gusella

Adherence to Psychostimulant Medication in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: The Role of Attitudes
Julien Hébert, Anna Polotskaia, Ridha Joober, Natalie Grizenko

Clinical Perspectives
Clinical Rounds in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
First Manic Episode in an 11 Year-old Girl
Don Quang  Tran, Vincent Beaudry, Yves Lajoie

Book Reviews
Child and Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: School-based Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention
Reviewers Sterling Sparshu, Waqar Waheed
Siblings: The Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes
Reviewer Pippa Moss
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: Second Edition
Reviewer Johanne Renaud