Volume 24, Number 2 Fall 2015

Next Generation Sequencing and the Child and Youth Psychiatrist
Russell Schachar, Noam Soreni

Research Articles
A Voxel-based Morphometry Study of Brain Gray Matter Volumes in Juvenile Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Rajan Nishanth Jayarajan, Sri Mahavir Agarwal, Biju Viswanath, Sunil V. Kalmady, Ganesan Venkatasubramanian, Shoba Srinath, C.R. Chandrashekar, Y.C. Janardhan Reddy

The Effect of Maternal Stress during Pregnancy on IQ and ADHD Symptomatology
Natalie Grizenko, Marie-Eve Fortier, Mathilde Gaudreau-Simard, Claude Jolicoeur, Ridha Joober

Mental Health Implications of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Children and Youth
Russell Schachar, Laura Seohyun Park, Maureen Dennis

Increased Risk of Asthma in Children with ADHD: Role of Prematurity and Maternal Stress during Pregnancy
Natalie Grizenko, Esli Osmanlliu, Marie-Eve Fortier, Ridha Joober

Brief Communication
Engaging Street-involved Youth in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: A Secondary Analysis
Michelle Lynk, Elizabeth McCay, Celina Carter, Andria Aiello, Faith Donald

Next Generation Sequencing and Health Technology Assessment in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Wendy J. Ungar

Three Reasons why Studying Hoarding in Children and Adolescents is Important
Christie L. Burton, Paul D. Arnold, Noam Soreni

Persisting without Evidence is a Problem: Suicide Prevention and Other Well-intentioned Interventions
John D. McLennan