Volume 26, Number 3, Fall 2017

Caring for our most vulnerable patients
Khrista Boylan

A Joint Statement from the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Canadian Paediatric Society
Screening for Disruptive Behaviour Problems in Preschool Children in Primary Health Care Settings
Alice Charach, John D. McLennan, Stacey Ageranioti Bélanger, Mary Kay Nixon

A Critique of the New Canadian Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Guideline
John McLennan, Peter Braunberger

Research Articles
Youth Mental Health, Family Practice, and Knowledge Tanslation Video Games about Psychosis: Family Physicians’ Perspectives
Manuela Ferrari, Suzanne Archie

Children’s Shyness in a Surgical Setting
Cheryl H.T. Chow, Nadine Nejati, Kristie L. Poole, Ryan J. Van Lieshout, Norman Buckley, Louis A. Schmidt

Perception of Interprofessional Collaboration and Co-Location of Specialists and Primary Care Teams in Youth Mental Health
Cécile Rousseau, Annie Pontbriand, Lucie Nadeau, Janique Johnson-Lafleur

Glutamate Genetics in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Review
Rageen Rajendram, Sefi Kronenberg, Christie L. Burt, Paul D. Arnold

Housing Instability and Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Concerns: An Examination of Canadian Youth
Tayla Smith, Lisa Hawke, Gloria Chaim, Joanna Henderson

Brief Communication
An Exploration of Positive Parenting in Relation to Psychopathology for Youth with a Diagnosis of Bipolar Spectrum Disorder
Brae Anne McArthur, Kathlyn M. Cherry, Gani Braimoh, Margaret N. Lumley

Adjunctive Trazodone and Depression Outcome in Adolescents Treated with Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors
Meshal A. Sultan, Darren B. Courtney