Volume 27, Number 3, August 2018

Diagnosing BPD in Adolescents: More good than harm
Khrista Boylan

Letter to the Editor
Persisting Concerns Regarding the New FASD Guidelines
John McLennan, Peter Braunberger

Research Articles
Dimensional and Categorical Correlates of Substance Use Disorders among Canadian Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder
Antonette Scavone, Vanessa Timmins, Jordan Collins, Brenda Swampillai, Trehani M. Fonseka, Dwight Newton, Melanie Naiberg, Rachel Mitchell, Athena Ko, Joshua Shapiro, Katelyn Collinger, Carolyn Boulos, Benjamin I. Goldstein

Retaining a Sample of Homeless Youth
Cheryl Forchuk, Tony O’Regan, Mo Jeng, Amanda Wright

Sleep-Related Issues in Children and Adolescents Presenting at Community Mental Health Clinics
Elizabeth C. Quon, Alena Talbot Ellis, Aimee Coulombe

Practical Crisis Management for Parents and Clinicians: Adolescent Suicidal, Aggressive, Elopement Behaviours: Intensive Treatment Settings
Wade Junek
Supplemental: Parent Guide

The Health and Well-being of Children and Adolescents Accessing In-patient Psychiatry: A Brief Report
Michele Preyde, Amy Tran, Shrenik Parekh, John Heintzman

Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Safety of Olanzapine as an Adjunctive Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents: An Open-Label Trial
Wendy Spettigue, Mark L. Norris, Danijela Maras, Nicole Obeid, Stephen Feder, Megan E. Harrison, Rebecca Gomez, Maeghan C.Y. Fu, Katherine Henderson, Annick Buchholz