Volume 27, Number 4, November 2018

Innovations in Clinical Service Provision for Children and Youth
Khrista Boylan

Letter to the Editor
Matthew Chow

Brief Communication 
Social Determinants of Health among Youth Seeking Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment
Cara A. Settipanni, Lisa D. Hawke, Guytano Virdo, Elisabeth Yorke, Kamna Mehra, Joanna Henderson

Relationship Between Physical Activity, Tic Severity and Quality of Life in Children with Tourette Syndrome
Asif Doja, Ammar Bookwala, Daniela Pohl, Alessandra Rossi-Ricci, Nicholas Barrowman, Jason Chan, Patricia E. Longmuir

Facilitating Effective Transitions from Hospital to Community for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Overview of the Transition Support Worker Role and Function
Kristin Cleverley, Dana Gore, Saba Nasir, Tracey Ashley, Leora Rich, Chris Brown, Barbara Hanssmann, Jennifer Holmes-Haronitis, Paula Villafana, Julie Kish, Myra Levy

Research Articles
A Study Protocol for the “Practitioner Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:” Cluster-randomized Pilot Study
Stacey D. Espinet, Sandra Gotovac, Summer Knight, Merrick Zwarenstein, Lorelei Lingard, Margaret Steele

Pediatric Referrals for Urgent Psychiatric Consultation: Clinical Characteristics, Diagnoses and Outcome of 4 to 12 Year Old Children
Jennifer Pikard, Nasreen Roberts, Dianne Groll

The Association of Adolescent Facebook Behaviours with Symptoms of Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety and Depression
Nida Muzaffar, Eudys Briceno Britto, Joshua Fogel, David Fagan, Krishan Kumar, Rita Verma