Summary of the 39th Annual CACAP Conference

Registration for the 40th Annual CACAP Conference will open in spring 2020. Here is a summary from the 39th annual conference  which was held in Quebec City in September 2019. For more information on the 2020 annual conference, please visit:

What an exciting September we had in Quebec city by hosting the 39th annual conference! Beside having beautiful fall weather and enjoying the great city of Quebec, there was the premiere of the first CACAP institute of psychopharmacology. The institute sold out with 90 participants who appreciated our two key speakers, Dr. Abidi and Dr. Gorman.

The conference started the following day with the participation of 240 people throughout the conference. Many interesting topics were discussed, as well as learning from our Canadian colleagues through their ongoing researches. The topics ranged from specific mental disorders in youth, to child and adolescent mental health service delivery throughout the different provinces and including topics on preventing radicalization in youth. Many innovative methods like telepsychiatry to improve accessibility as well as the use of artificial intelligence were presented as tools that could be used in certain situations. 

Also, let’s not forget the social aspect of the conference which allows child and adolescent psychiatrists to learn from each other and build a professional network. The world cafe and the president’s reception with poster viewing were also successful events. 

Finally, residents got the chance to meet with different faculty members in the cinq-à-sept which was much appreciated. 

In conclusion, this 39th annual meeting was a successful event. Thank you to the conference committee and the conference research and scientific program committee for organizing a memorable conference and looking forward to see you all at the 40th annual meeting!