The Summit : Marian & Jim Sinneave Centre for Youth Resilience

On March 13, 2023, Calgary opened its doors to the first community health centre designed exclusively for child and youth mental health. Since that time, hundreds of youth and families have benefited from the services provided. Funding for this centre was provided by the generosity of community donors via the Build Them Up campaign through the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. The goal of the centre was to help mitigate gaps in mental health care for youth and reduce burden on emergency services. 

The following services are provided at The Summit:


Youth are seen on a first come, first served basis – requiring no community referral. The walk-in therapy session may include just the child or adolescent, but in most cases the preferred option will be to have the whole family be a part of the session. Patients and their families receive: one hour counselling session, access to a one time psychiatric consultation as needed and based on availability, discharge recommendations and additional referrals where necessary.


This program is designed as a “step up” from current community care. Youth referred to this program receive scheduled intensive individual, family, and group therapy  provided for 1-4 hours daily for a period of approximately 4 weeks. Services include: Psychological, Ed-psych, and Occupational  Therapy (OT) testing, individual and family therapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric consultation as needed and patient, parent and multi-family clinical groups.


This is a “step down” program for children and teens who are within AHS mental health inpatient services. On average, young people are engaged with the program for two weeks as they make the transition from hospital back to home, school, and community life. This is often a tenuous time and many patients end up returning to Emergency and readmitted to hospital. This program is effectively interrupting that cycle and helping kids stay out of hospital wherever possible. When appropriate, if a child had been in hospital within the last month, the team has been recommending a direct referral to Ptarmigan Day Hospital to divert them from a readmittance to the hospital and this has proven to be extremely effective.